the juicy details



  • If you email me, you’ll get a response within 24 hours, if not much sooner.

  • We can integrate your project management systems, or you can use mine. (I prefer Slack, Google drive, Google docs, Evernote, and Google sheets for tasks)

  • If you’re having tech challenges along the way, we can do a separate session to get your systems in order to streamline the process and make things simpler for you.

  • I’m here to keep your mojo turned up, and will offer words of encouragement along the way.

  • I integrate the creative process with keeping it simple and organized.

  • I prefer to chat by Zoom video calls, and you can schedule your calls as we work together through my scheduling link (or we can use your Zoom room, if you prefer)

  • You can text, Facebook message, or Slack message me during business hours, but I do not communicate evenings or weekends unless it’s an emergency.

  • I’ll make sure our lines of communication are clear, and am open to taking a time out to get clear if we have any misunderstandings along the way.

  • I’m here to make the process fun, and I’ll most likely use humor to keep stress levels low.

  • You can speak freely with me, and curse like a sailor if you need to. ;)


  1. LET’S CHAT: After a free 30-minute chat to see if you’re ready, to answer any questions, decide which website platform is best for your project, and talk pricing specific for your project, I’ll send over an agreement for us both to sign detailing the project, and invoice you for a 50% deposit for the project.

  2. THE QUESTIONNAIRE: You’ll receive a link to a detailed web design questionnaire so I can have a clear place to get started on your branding and/or website.

  3. LET’S STRATEGIZE: We’ll have a one-hour strategy session to get on the same page on branding, messaging, tone, content, tools, etc …. ( you can do this as a stand-alone session if you are not ready for a full website redesign yet, but it is included if you proceed with a web design package).

  4. THE TECH PIECES: I’ll make sure you have a domain and are linked up to hosting so we can get started. I’ll also have you share admin or login information through a secure system to have access to all your tools.

  5. KEEPING US ON TRACK: You’ll receive a link to a shared google sheet for project tracking, a style guide sheet with your fonts, colors, and mood board images.

  6. WEEKLY CHECK-INS: We’ll work on milestones together on your site collaboratively. This includes a half-hour weekly check in call or screensharing since things can get lost in email translation. If something is ever unclear in email, we can just schedule a chat.

  7. THE FIRST DRAFT: Upon completion of first draft of site, layout, all pages, etc … you’ll receive an invoice for the next 25% of the project rate.

  8. THE BIG REVEAL: After we agree on final design and publish, you’ll receive your final invoice for the remaining 25%.

  9. KEEPING IT MAINTAINED: The process takes about a month from start to finish. After it’s “live,” I offer monthly maintenance packages for WordPress sites to keep your site running securely and performing optimally, and can include ghost blogging, or blog editing/posting to your site as well.